Welcome to Terranova's MYP TECHNOLOGY WIKI


1. To introduce WEB 2.0 TECHNOLOGY in the classrooms

2. To give the students and the parents more information about what we are learning in the Technology class.

3. To work as team members in contributing suggestions / feedbacks for mutual betterment.

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This course is essentially concerned with solving problems in an effort to stimulate students’ ingenuity and to encourage them to combine intellectual talents and practical skills.
Schools are granted flexibility in the choice of technology subjects, but each course provides a balance between three key areas:
  • systems
  • information
  • materials.
In particular, students are encouraged to display ingenuity and creativity in devising practical solutions to given tasks. Students use the design cycle to:
  • investigate
  • design
  • plan
  • create
  • evaluate.
This subject area is valuable for reinforcing and integrating skills learned in other disciplines, especially in the presentation and handling of data and the processes involved in the design and manufacture of a product. At the same time, it fosters awareness of the social and ethical implications of technological development.