What will you learn in Technology?

When you study MYP Technology you will learn how to use tools. You will then use your creativity to solve problems using those tools. You will be making things that make life easier for people.

Solving Problems
The whole point of Technology is to solve problems. Once you have learnt how the tools work and what resources are available, you will be given a
problem to solve using the tools and resources.
Here are some examples of problems:
  • There is a school play and people need to be told about it
  • Young people are trying smoking and getting addicted.

A solution to a Problem

Problems are solved by using your creativity to find a good solution.

Let’s look at Problem #2: “Young people are trying smoking and getting addicted”. How can we solve this? We could:
  • Make a film explaining the dangers of smoking.
  • Make a presentation on the dangers of smoking.
  • Write and record a no-smoking song.
  • Make a poster explaining the dangers of smoking.
  • Make a website on how smoking kills.

There are lots of possible solutions. We must choose one that we think will work the best and that we can make with the resources we have.

The Design Cycle ……you can’t just go out and built it!

In real life there it is very hard to think of a good solution to a problem. It is not a good idea to just jump in and start making it. If you did this it would not be a very good solution and at worst it could be a disaster. There are some very important things that need to happen when you go about solving a problem. These things can be grouped into:
    • What you have to do to find out about the problem.
    • Ideas you have to solve the problem
    • What you have to do to plan what you are going to make.
    • What you do to make your solution.
    • What you do to check that you solved the problem.
These groups of jobs are called Stages. The stages are: Investigate, Plan, Create and Evaluate They help us group the jobs we need to do. When we move from stage to stage we go through what we call the design cycle.


What is a technology project?

In every technology project will start with a problem. The aim of the project is always to find a solution. You will do a number of things at each stage of the Design Cycle.
There will be five parts to the Design Folder (Investigate, Design, Plan, Create and Evaluate)
The Process Journal
During the Create stage you need to document, with a series of photographs or a video and a dated record, the process of making your product, including when and how you use tools, materials and techniques. You are expected to follow your plan, to evaluate the plan and to justify any changes you make to your plan while creating your product. ----

Aims and objectives are always linked, but often confused. They are, however, quite distinct:
Aims are the changes you hope to achieve as a result of your work
Objectives are the activities you undertake and the services you offer to bring these changes about


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